Everything you need to know!

Weddings are absolutely where my biggest passion resides.

There is something so special about being THE person responsible for capturing one of the most important days of your life. I know firsthand how much time, effort and love go into planning a wedding and I want to make sure to capture all of those details for you.

Your wedding gallery will be filled with photos of all of those tiny details you spent so much time on. Wedding days are also filled with powerful moments and I love capturing those candid, emotional interactions. I never know when these moments will present themselves but it's our job to watch out for them so we can preserve these memories for you for years to come.


working with me


I learned from personal experience that it doesn't matter how beautiful a photo is if you don't like what YOU look like in the photo. I've taken several posing courses and I will make sure to pose you in order to capture your most flattering angles.

Flattering Angles


All of my clients receive a Style Guide after booking their session. It's filled with detailed information about coordinating outfits, as well as picture examples and store recommendations.

Style Guidance


The editing process is my favorite part, and I spend so much time making sure your photos are perfect. That means removing people, trashcans and signs in the background, making sure your skin looks amazing, your arms look slim, and any photo in the gallery is ready to frame on the wall of your home.

Attention to Detail




Congratulations, you got the ring! Most of my clients reach out by email and we schedule a time to chat over the phone. It's your opportunity to ask me any questions you may have, and to determine if we're a good fit.


The next step is signing our contract and paying the $500 retainer to officially reserve your date. The remaining balance is due any day leading up to the wedding.

02. BOOK



While not everyone chooses to take engagement photos, it's a wonderful opportunity to work with each other before the big day. You'll gain an understanding of how I work, and feel familiar with poses on your wedding day. It's also the perfect time to schedule your make-up trial so you can see firsthand how your make-up will photograph.


I work closely with my couples on creating the perfect photography timeline for your wedding day. I usually do this hand in hand with your wedding planner. I will send out a timeline questionnaire a few months before your wedding, and with this information I'll be able to create your family shot list, and determine how much time we'll need at the beginning of the day for details.




You don't need to do anything today other than get married!!! I will send out a list of tips for you before the big day that will ensure things run smoothly and ahead of schedule.


Woo hoo!!! It's time to pop some champagne and relive your wedding day. Most of my clients receive their gallery well before the 4 week mark. My goal is always to make your wait as painless as possible and I send out sneak peeks along the way!


Your wedding package will include:

Two photographers for 8 hours

Between 600 - 800 high resolution, retouched images in a personalized online gallery where you can share your photos with family and friends, as well as order prints and products (an additional cost). This is also where you will be able to download all of your images directly to your computer/iPad/iPhone.

Timeline assistance: I would love to be as involved in the wedding planning as you'd like me to be. I always offer my assistance with creating a timeline to ensure that the day runs smoothly and that we have plenty of time to capture all of your special moments. I can also make recommendations on time-of-day of ceremony (lighting is important!) help you choose from multiple location options at your venue, etc. Need help with choosing vendors? Let me share my favorites with you!



What's inside your camera bag?


 I shoot with a Canon R6 Mark II (which has two memory card slots so a back-up is always recorded) and my back-up camera is a Canon 5D Mark IV. My primary lens is the 50 1.2L (my baby!) which vary rarely ever comes off of my camera but when I do reach for another lens -- it would be the Sigma 85 1.4, Sigma Art 35 1.4, Canon 100L.

How long will it take to get my photos?

Waiting for my own wedding photos was one of the most excruciating experiences! For this reason alone, I am diligent about ensuring that I do not accept so many weddings that I am unable to get final galleries out in a reasonable time. Part of the client experience is receiving your photos in a timely manner! Final wedding galleries can take up to 4 weeks but it's always a goal of mine to win you over by sending them to you earlier than promised.

Do you edit all of the photos?

Absolutely! I go through every image and adjust for crop, exposure, and color correction. I also do very light re-touching if needed.

Do you charge a travel fee?

For portrait sessions I do charge a travel fee for locations that are farther than 30 minutes from the Carlsbad area. This means that your portrait session includes an hour of driving time (30 minutes each way) I charge $100 for each additional hour of driving. So if we are 1.5 hours apart and you'd like me to travel to your city for our shoot, that would be a total of 3 hours of driving (which would be an additional $200 travel fee since a one hour round trip is included). Unfortunately, living in Southern California I have to go by the amount of hours and not the amount of miles.

Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely!